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Learning Opportunities at the DAT Minyan

Below is a guide to classes currently offered by the DAT Minyan. Classes listed below may be seasonal, or may not be meeting in a particular week. Always check the weekly Newsletter to ensure that a class is being offered in a given week.

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Shabbat Classes Weekday Classes Special Programs
Tefillah Warmup Advanced Gemara  
Parsha Class Netivot Shalom (for women)  
Teen Program Essential Judaism  
Shabbat Afternoon
Women's Learning
Halacha In-Depth  
Teen Talmud    
Open Beit Midrash    


Essential Judaism

Judaism Basics with Rabbi Friedman

Learn about the fundamentals of Judaism in this wide-ranging and stimulating weekly class. The current series, "100 Questions, or 'I Know I Learned That Once, But...'" contains 100 of the most important questions across the spectrum of Jewish life. Class meets most Wednesday nights at 7:00. Always check our latest newsletter to ensure that class is meeting in a given week.

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Halacha In-Depth

A Higher-Level Halacha Shiur with Rabbi Friedman

Explore Halachic topics in depth on such topics as abortion, women's Megillah reading, and Havdalah in Alaska, from the primary sources down to contemporary responsa. Class meets most Thursday nights at 7:00. Always check our latest newsletter to ensure that class is meeting in a given week.

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Tefillah Warm-Up

Prepare for Shabbat Davening with Ellyn Hutt

Tefillah is only as effective as the preparation we put into it. In this weekly class, Ellyn Hutt provides needed doses of inspiration to help set the tone for the long Shabbat morning Davening ahead. Every Shabbat morning, 8:30 am, for men and women, in the DAT Minyan Multipurpose Room.

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Parsha Class with Rabbi Gitler

Explore the Themes of the Weekly Parsha insight into the weekly Parsha in this engaging weekly class with Rabbi Marc Gitler. Come prepared for thought-provoking discussion and debate on a variety of topics. Beginner/intermediate level; Hebrew reading and comprehension not required. Class meets during the time of the Haftarah and Mussaf of the Main Minyan - usually around 10:30-11:00 am.

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Teen Shabbat Morning Programs

Spend Shabbat Morning at DAT Minyan With Your Friends

Join us for Kiddush and learning with Rabbi Michael Sunshine and occasional guests. A great way to relax with your friends, learn a little, and enjoy Shabbat together. Always plenty of doughnuts on hand.

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SHAWL: Shabbat Afternoon Women's Learning

Weekly Learning for Women at the DAT Minyan

Our oldest and most venerable learning offering, SHAWL has offered the women of the Denver Jewish community the opportunity to learn from over 200 local and visiting speakers on an endless variety of topics over the past eight years. Currently organized by Dr. Terry Samuel, SHAWL meets weekly on Shabbat afternoon, one hour before Mincha in the winter and two hours before Mincha the rest of the year.

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Talmud for Teens and Men

Get Inside Gemara with Nathan Rabinovitch

Explore the Talmud inside with Dr. Nathan Rabinovitch. Gain Gemara skills for a lifetime while working though whole tractates over extended periods of time. The learning is participatory and geared towards high school and intermediate adult learners. The class is currently learning Masechet Chagigah, and it has previously completed Rosh Hashana and Sukkah. The class is geared toward high school boys and adult men. Class meets every Shabbat afternoon, 75 minutes before Mincha, in the DAT Minyan Multipurpose Room.

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Advanced Gemara

Learn Gemara on an Advanced Level

This high-level, fast-paced Shiur, now studying Gemara Chullin, is geared toward advanced learners with prior background in learning Gemara. Taught by Rabbi Eli Mozes of the Denver Community Kollel, this Shiur will challenge you to think about the Gemara in new ways, through the lens of Rishonim and Acharonim. Shiur meets Sunday nights at 8:00 at the DAT Minyan.

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Netivot Shalom for Women

Explore Chassidut with Dr. Shelly Ciner

In this weekly class for women, Dr. Shelly Ciner explores topics in the contemporary classic Chassidic work Netivot Shalom, as well as other relevant seasonal topics. Enjoy this warm and engaging introduction to a new vista of Torah learning. Class takes place at the Ciner residence.

Sun, April 21 2024 13 Nisan 5784